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Everyone with a business wants to protect their brand name. No one wants to see another company using the same name. That is why it is advisable to protect your trademark. IPR Protection will be happy to help you. Read more about us.

Trademarks and trade names are legally protected. Competitors are not allowed to use them. By means of a trademark registration, you can better protect your brand. We will be happy to help you with this. We can register your trade name within 24 hours.

I started this business from a personal experience. My own company name was misused by a third party. Therefore, I am now helping other entrepreneurs to prevent this from happening to them.

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Our company has years of experience and experts in each country.

Local experts

In each country, a local expert will be happy to help you.

Hundreds of registrations per year

We register brand names for hundreds of companies every year.

Many satisfied customers

We have more than 1000 satisfied customers

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We can register your brand name within 24 hours